Our rifle hunt customers receive highly skilled personal attention, are always 1X1 guided and experience the best in full service hunts. We specialize in hunts that deliver 100% success rates, with multiple hunters who harvest more than one trophy buck per hunt. Bill Whitfield Hunts handles full coordination of Trophy Management Hunts, Super Trophy Hunts, or custom combinations of both to meet your individual request, including select 5-day hunts.
You can expect to see 20-40 bucks on one of our typical hunts. We maintain our excellent success rate and reputation by keeping it simple..WE DELIVER NO EXCUSES! You are assured multiple chances at trophy animals, so be ready to do your part. We WILL put you in the right opportunities.that’s our job!

Bill Whitfield Hunts offers only ranches that are carefully managed to a 1:1 Buck to Doe ratio standard. In fact, on most hunts you will likely see more Bucks than Does! The pre-rut and rut are very strong, with Does tending to hide or stick to open food plots.

We provide a total outdoor experience, so non-hunters are certainly welcome! If you simply enjoy the outdoors and nature but hunting is not your cup of tea, just leave your guns at home. At only $100 per day, look at it as a low cost vacation!

As a specialized Outfitter, Bill Whitfield Hunts can meet any need. We accept single hunters, along with our more popular custom hunts for business associates, families, or simply a group of friends who want to experience a memorable season with shared trophy success stories! We can even accommodate a mix of hunters on our various ranches to blend Management, Trophy and Bow Hunts. With a group as small as three (3) or as large as eight (8), you can have an entire ranch to yourselves! Sound like a good time?

Thanks for the LED Sign!

You might be wondering who thought of the hilarious sign we have out front using LED lighting. Well AmericanSignLetters does custom work and they were the ones who helped us bring this crazy idea to life. Without a flexible company we would have never been able to create such a great sign out front of our lodge.

In addition to providing one guide per hunter as part of our full service hunts, each hunter will be well fed by our ranch Cooks. In keeping with our reputation for delivering a top quality hunting experience, our Cooks have a history of far exceeding the expectations of our customers, and you can expect to gain a pound or two during one of our hunts!

By the way, based on overall customer requests, each of our hunting lodges are